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Beat the Streets is excited to offer SHSAT Prep for middle school athletes looking to prepare for the Specialized High School Admissions Test. The following schools in New York City are specialized high schools with wrestling:

Brooklyn Tech
Bronx Science
McKee/Staten Island Tech
Brooklyn Latin (Gaynor Campus)

Entrance to any of these high schools requires a test score from the SHSAT exam. We are excited to offer this test prep to twenty Beat the Streets middle school student-athletes.

For more information on the SHSAT, click HERE

SHSAT Prep Class Schedule

9-20-2017: Lesson 1 (Practice Test I, 3 hours)
9-25-2017: Lesson 2
9-27-2017: Lesson 3
10-2-2017: Lesson 4
10-4-2017: Lesson 5
10-11-2017: Lesson 6
10-16-2017: Lesson 7 (Practice Test II, 3 Hours)
10-18-2017: Lesson 8

*Location will be in Manhattan.
*Each lesson will begin at 5 pm.
*Lessons will run for two hours in length.


Please direct questions to:

Beat the Streets Jaime Gray

Director of Programming

Phone: 212-777-5702